Metaverse x MICE; 3D Virtual World that will transform MICE industry in the future

Since there is a changing trend that Facebook, a mega online social network service company, has changed its company name to “Meta” in response to “Metaverse” trend which is currently popular, many people are probably wondering what Metaverse is and how it is related to MICE industry. Let’s find out. Metaverse is an idea of […]

4 Great MICE Cities Ready to Support all MICE Events

TCEB would like to introduce you to 4 locations in 4 MICE cities from 4 regions of Thailand. These venues are more than ready to support all types of MICE events across the country with their comprehensive range of venues, technology, and services that are well-responsive to any events held in the new normal. Where […]

Thai MICE Connect: Organize all MICE events on one platform

In the digital society, several things have been transferred into an online world and many organizers and businesses respond to the trend by creating more online platforms in the digital world. Even the shopping centers transform themselves into an E-Market Place that gathers products and services from the department stores to sell on the website […]

Carbon Neutral Exhibition; Sustainable MICE Events for Environment Conservation

Carbon Footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) generated by human activities and measured by the amount of Carbon Dioxide emitted into the atmosphere to assess how much people, organizations, and countries impact on global warming. Since TCEB is aware of the quantity of greenhouse gases caused by MICE events, we solve this […]

Easily Organized MICE Activities with 10 Creative MICE Routes

To help organizations and MICE travellers not to worry about searching for MICE routes or waste time thinking of what activities should be arranged, TCEB thoroughly selected 10 creative MICE routes for supporting a wide variety of MICE activities in each region, and suggested impressive package for MICE travellers in order to help promote the […]

4 Creative MICE venues in Bangkok under TMVS

Due to the relaxation of lockdown measures, the venues accredited with Thailand MICE Venue Standard (TMVS) gladly welcome all MICE travellers to MICE events under TMVS that provide COVID-19 safety measures with the aim of building confidence to all the organizers and attendees. Let’s take a look at these 4 creative MICE venues under TMVS […]